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Elmore Art Home

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 Welcome to Elmore Art


This website is to help communicate the visual art lessons that are being taught in my classroom for our virtual learners. I have over 20 years experience in teaching art in our schools. I have taught every grade level so this site includes resources and lessons from the all grade levels. Currently I am at The Mulberry Elementary (Day 1-4) and Mt. Pleasant Elementary (Day 5-6). The links below show each grade level's lessons. Click on your student's grade level and look for the week of school we are in. Each lesson has short videos explaining the lesson. The lesson materials are found below the the videos for the week. 


Kindergarten Lessons

First Grade Lessons

Second Grade Lessons

Third Grade Lessons

Fourth Grade Lessons

Fifth Grade Lessons 


The Grade Lesson Pages follow the courses as we move through. There are pictures, important facts, vocabulary, and materials to help your students if they are absent or want to review. The following links are the syllabi for the fall and spring semesters.

 Visual Art Lesson Fall Syllabus.pdf 

Visual Art Lesson Spring Syllabus.pdf  


This web site provides Internet links to other wonderful web sites that show curriculum guides, art museums, resources and fun, safe activities for the students under the section called Sidebar to the right.


The students are graded on the following scale. The report card grade is determined by the effort given by the student on each standard based lesson. If there is little to no participation the student will be marked down. 


Grades K-5


N-Needs Improvement



Please review the lessons and feel free to e-mail me (elmorej@wilkes.k12.nc.us) with any ideas, suggestions and/or praises about our future or past lessons. I want to create the best art program I can for MPES and The Mulberry and I need your help!  


Mulberry Online Gallery

MPES Online Gallery


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